The ancient city of Troy has been recreated many times over the years, most recently in the Brad Pitt-lead movie version of the same name. Now you can experience one of the most alluring historic locations of all-time in the great online slots title Treasures Of Troy.

Of course, the game revolves around your search for the beautiful Helen of Troy. She will offer you encouragement along your way across the paylines to what could be a big win. If you can match five symbols bearing her face then a huge payout could be on its way to you.

One unique feature of Treasures Of Troy is that it is the first online casino title which incorporates both paylines and MultiWay systems. This approach has been a big hit in the land-based Troy game and now, with the cluster of payouts potentially available, it’s proving to be big in online casinos too. One player who will agree with this sentiment is castellated, who picked up a win of £500.40 during a recent session.

Along the way to a top prize you’ll notice the superb graphics and inspirational sound effects clearly inspired by the movies. In addition, you’ll become truly engrossed in the battle to a big win and will feel like a true warrior once you reach your goal.

On a similar theme is the online slots title Cleopatra. This time, the action is set in Ancient Egypt, and is inspired by the revered and beautiful queen. This 20-payline game has a generous bonus round that can see players gain 15 free spins.