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Should I visit Online Casino with Real Money?

If you have never tried gambling before you should definitely do it one day! It is a far better relaxation that flirting, drinking strong things and even meeting old friends. Gambling appeals to the oldest parts of human brain. It reminds us of the harsh primeval days when people had to stake their lives to win a chance to win for the generations to come. Modern gambling is a smooth reminder of those ancient times but it makes our blood rush in our veins as make sure that Lady Luck is ready to plant her kisses on us. Gambling is  [ Read More ]

Playtech Casino

Playtech Casino is undoubtedly the largest online gambling firm in the world. It enjoys a very high degree of popularity from majority of the online gamblers thanks to its high-quality casino software that consists of all types of online casino games including bingo, casino, Asian games, poker, mobile gaming, sports gambling, fixed odds and broadcast gaming. The wide range of gaming products enables the casino software to be in many parts around the world. Many at times, quite a number of Playtech casino games are always part of a single gaming interface that a player can access with a single  [ Read More ]

One-armed Bandits and The Liberty Bell-The History of Slot Machines

What does the Liberty Bell, the slot machine, the one-armed bandit and the fruit machine have in common? Well, the answer lies in the slot machine history and when you travel back in time to around 1897, you will meet a German immigrant by the name Charles Fey who invented the first ever slot machine christened “The Liberty Bell”. Charles Fey named his three wheel slot machine The Liberty Bell as he had used it as a symbol for the winning jackpot combination. Some of the other symbols that he used in his slot machine were the four faces of  [ Read More ]

Progressive slot machines

Some facts about the progressive slot machines A lot of players probably think that the progressive slots are just as old as the slot machines are. In fact it is almost true and if we check some historical accounts of the different types of slot machines it will turn out that a lot of them were actually progressive slot machines. Still, as the time passed the progressive slot machines have become something really impressive and they managed to encompass next to every of the slot machines categories existing at the moment. Any of the slot machines can be a progressive  [ Read More ]

BoyleSports on the way out

The boylesports is the largest online gambling provider in the Ireland and they are leaders in the land & internet bookie firms. However they have recently accounted that their CEO Daniel O’Mahoney, will be stepping down from the position due to some personal reasons. And the current chairman dacid chapman & MD Jogh Boyle will be work more active on the company till they find a suitable person for the given position. Any way at this point the MD has noted that they will be doing the business in more organized and a better way in the future to protect  [ Read More ]