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Progressive slot machines

Some facts about the progressive slot machines

A lot of players probably think that the progressive slots are just as old as the slot machines are. In fact it is almost true and if we check some historical accounts of the different types of slot machines it will turn out that a lot of them were actually progressive slot machines. Still, as the time passed the progressive slot machines have become something really impressive and they managed to encompass next to every of the slot machines categories existing at the moment. Any of the slot machines can be a progressive one, so a progressive slot machine is simply not a machine.

About the reels

The categorical definitions of the progressive slots is not similar to those of other slot machines. Actually, what needs to be done in order to create a progressive slot machine is to take several additional coin bets and put them towards the progressive jackpot slots. That is why there can be any number of reels in the progressive slot machines. There exist the conventional progressive slot machines that have 3 reels and the video progressive slot machines that have 5 reels (or 7, or in some cases 9 reels). It works like that for the progressive slots and this is one of the main reasons why they have become so much popular in the world of online gambling.

About the pay lines

What we have just said about the reels will also be the trues if we talk about the pay lines in the progressive slot machines. Because of the fact that a progressive slot machine can actually be a usual slot machine it can have just one horizontal pay line across the middle of the reels. But still, there could be one more 9-reel progressive slot machine with like 50 pay lines that would allow the players to win across many different combinations. The pay lines can be more varied than the reels and that makes them still more interesting for many online players.

About the coins

There can be different variations of the coins they use in the progressive slot machines too. A conventional machine can have three to five coin per spin maximum and the video slots that have numerous pay lines can have from three hundred to five hundred without much effort! So it is a hundred times more than in the conventional machines. The coin sizes can be different in slot machines of numerous types (especially if we talk about the online games). The coin amounts per hand can vary still more than either reels or pay lines when we talk about the slot machines.

About the symbols

The symbols can vary a lot in different progressive slot machines too. You can meet the old fruit machines that have number symbols, fruit and bar symbols on their reels. You can also find the modern progressive video slot machines that would have symbols of things, animals, places, people or something else. The symbols pictured on the reels can vary a great deal and this allows the progressive slot machines to stay fresh to the players. A game you have not played before can actually always be found!

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